Love comic books and nerd culture? This is the podcast for you! Comic book and movie reviews as well as in depth discussion about the medium and community as a whole. In addition to talking all things nerdy, we always try to focus on the Comic Book Creator (s) as much as possible.


June 23, 2019

DC vs. Marvel

To celebrate making it to 100 episodes we decided to bring on special guests for a DC vs. Marvel Episode.




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December 15, 2017

Comic Book Video Games

This week we are joined by special guest Kenny to talk about Comic Book Video Games!!

What makes a good comic book video game? we do our best to anser that question while also talking about some of the worst ones of all time. Kenny gives us his expert opinon as we disect the history of super hero games and remember all of our favorites. check out Kenny's game reviews online and be sure to follow us on social media

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