Love comic books and nerd culture? This is the podcast for you! Comic book and movie reviews as well as in depth discussion about the medium and community as a whole. In addition to talking all things nerdy, we always try to focus on the Comic Book Creator (s) as much as possible.


This Episode we talk about Comicbook Crossovers and Events

Do we like them? Do we hate them? How often would we like them to happen.

Special Guest: Sal from the Utah To Hunters Inc.

Edgar is back, we talk a little about Thor Ragnarok!

NEW weekly picks what do we recomend to Read/Watch or just look out for?

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October 27, 2017

Secret Origins

Here you have the Secret Origins of Tyler, Edgar and Mary.


You will now learn the truth of how we got into our obsesion of Superheroes and all things Comic Book related. 

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